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Greetings to all the participants of the Second Open Russian Statistical Congress from the Statistical Journal of the International Association of Official Statistics. A special greeting goes to Boris Ryabushkin, editor-in-chief of Voprosy Statistiki. SJIAOS is not as old as the Voprosy Statistiki, but the two journals share a lot of common ground. SJIAOS is the flagship publication of the International Association for Official Statistics. The association was established in 1985. The first many years, the activities of the association were communicated through a newsletter, but increasingly there was a desire to have a journal. In 2007, the IAOS took over the Statistical Journal of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and renamed it the SJIAOS. The Journal supports the mission of IAOS by publishing articles to promote the understanding and advancement of official statistics and to foster the development of effective and efficient official statistical services on a global basis. This clearly defines what is in scope for the Journal and it guides the process for selecting manuscripts for publication. The first SJIAOS issue was devoted to a series of papers on the evolution of official statistics across the globe over the previous 60 years. Since then, we have continued to publish papers on global and national statistical services, statistical independence and legislation, new directions for official statistics, training of statistical staff, and ways to improve statistical literacy in the community, and similar topics. We are a vehicle for sharing lessons learned about good practices in official statistics all over the world. A journal such as ours must constantly assess its relevancy to the members of the professional associations that sustains it. We must provide unique information relevant to the field, and archive best current practices in the profession. We must be the place where wisdom can be accumulated and preserved in print for future statisticians. We achieve relevance by staying tuned-in to the constantly changing needs of the profession. Events such as the Second Open Russian Statistical Congress helps us with this task by bringing statisticians together to discuss current and emerging issues and challenges related to the management, production and dissemination of statistics and related public policy matters. In an era where data come from innumerable sources and statistics are expected to be produced and delivered instantaneously, to be easily accessible and digestible, and to meet the consumers expectations for visualization and effortless consumption, what is the role of official statisticians and statistical journals? How do we stay relevant, how do we serve producers as well as users? I hope responses to such questions emerge during your days together in Rostov. I wish you a productive, exiting and inspiring conference.

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